Several things in QB Enterprise are slicker than greased eels.  I’ll just touch briefly on a couple of things here and expand more on them in future blog posts.

Assisted Payroll is one.  Compared to just buying Payroll and Direct Deposit in other ERP systems costing many thousands of dollars, Assisted Payroll in QB is an extreme value for the dollar.  I don’t want to use the word cheap.  But that’s what I’m thinking.  Assisted Payroll works so well and is so inexpensive it’s just a fantastic buy.  Assisted Payroll will do everything from payroll checks to direct deposit to filng all your reports with the government and deducting and submitting all the taxes.

Using Merchant Services inside QB is also slick.  Attach a credit card USB magnetic stripe reader and your ready to go.  Scan the credit card in Create Sales Receipts or Receive Payments.  Making credit card deposits and accounting for the fees is a click of a button.



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