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What is BI?

Business Intelligence is a software technoloy that allows people to examine and analyze data to understand trends and develop insights.

What is Power BI?

Power BI is a business intelligence solution that can be combined with Dynamics 365 to provide a more robust tool that is very helpful in reporting and analysis. Power BI is a great tool for visualizing data in Dynamics 365, as it allows you to easily access and...

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Dashboards are excellent in providing a visual display of the company’s key performance indicators. With Analytics Maestro, decision makers can view a customized dashboard of real-time information that enables them to understand what’s going on right now, generate...

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BI Solutions for SMBS

Our deployment process lets you go live in only 3 to 6 weeks instead of 4 to 12 months with a traditional BI solution. Self-serve BI tools only give you current data. Our reporting solution gives you all the historical data you need to predict future trends. Our BI &...

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